What Cavaliers Regiment exacly is, alias What Another Screwy Guild it is.

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What Cavaliers Regiment exacly is, alias What Another Screwy Guild it is. Empty What Cavaliers Regiment exacly is, alias What Another Screwy Guild it is.

Post  Selman on Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:14 pm

Cavaliers Regiment, or just Regiment in short, is a rather new guild ( though I dislike this word ), founded by me, Selman, Molyra and other members ( none of them stayed long, besides Fra'd ) in July of year 2008. Our task is, generally, to purge the worlds of Azeroth, Draenor and whatever new expansion sets will bring from foul and unclean enemies of civilisation. Idea is to concentrate on fighting every evil threat, from Defias Brotherhood, through Scourge, Burning Legion, ending on hostile guilds like Knights of Ebon Hold. We are, more or less, guild of holy shiny guys, best place for people with good attitude, and surely wrong for those who play ( or are themselves ) bad characters. Our goal is well exhibited by Regiment's tabard - here I will explain it's meaning:

White cross means that our intentions are clear, and that we are spreading them to all four sides of the world. Black background says that our path on doing this is often dark, filled with danger. Well, as about golden borders, it simply means that saving world ends with having more jingling pouches then before, or, if you can't get my metaphor, having more gold then before.

That's all, I guess. I will write more if something will be unclear. Oh, right, pragmatic details. Well, we surely are not PvP guild, but we, or at least me and Molly, love doing instances, so if you're looking for party for some high level dungeon, don't hesitate to ask us. Sergeant Zelnagha, cornet Mequel and others are very helpful too, even if our levels are puny for them*yes, smile here*. Mainly, we are roleplaying guild, more or less hardcore, depends on mood, working to become the best RP guild in the world. Of Warcraft, or real one.

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