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List of ranks, alias What's Above Recruit Empty List of ranks, alias What's Above Recruit

Post  Selman on Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:59 am

Recruit - greenhorn, very fresh member of the Cavaliers Regiment. Actually, it's hard to call him a member. Every new joined member is a recruit for three active days of playing ( which means that he'll spend more then, say, hour daily online, best if me or Molly'll see it ), and after this, hopefully, short time, me, Lieutenant Molyra and Sergeant Zelnagha will discuss this person's future rank, which can be Private or Cornet. We can also figure out that this person do not fit the Cavaliers ranks and kick him/her out. Recruits do not have to listen to orders, though it's rather recommended, especially when you, a recruit, meet Sergeant Zel^^.

Private - basic rank of every full member ( which means one that spent three days of recruit's "trial period" ), Private is a totally simple member. No special duties, no special privileges... private is a rank for medium active and medium roleplaying players. They have to listen to orders of higher ranks, though they do not have to listen to Cornets. Again, it's rather recommended that they do.

Cornet - advanced non officer rank. Compared to Private's, Cornets are more then medium active and at least very good roleplayers, shining, walking examples of the Cavaliers Regiment. They do bear responsibility over how people will see the Regiment, so Cornet have be a wise person that knows how to show her/himself in a good light. Officially that do not bear too much power in the Regiment, but they can order Privates with a huge hope that they will listen.

Moral Officer - Moral Officers are, well, quite a special rank, in it's own way. It's a rank given to those of Cavaliers who have shown most of cheerfullity ( word like that do exist? ) and kindness. Their task is, when needed, to cheer sad members of the Regiment in those quite often dark moments of their career. And Light, I know how it do sound. Their laws and duties besides that are same as Cornets.

*Sergeant - Sergeants are first officer rank in the Cavaliers Regiment. They do have many duties and not many laws, but somehow people want to be them. First of all, Sergeant must be even more shiny example of the Cavalier then Cornets. Second of all, they have a duty of constant looking for new, valuable soldiers who could join the Regiment. They can order around Privates and Cornets, who have to listen to their orders, at least until these orders are not logical.

Lieutenant - high officer rank in the Regiment, Lieutenant is someone who Cavaliers Regiment Captain trust most and is most helpful for him. In whole Regiment's history there is only one Lieutenant, Molly, and it's clear that it's a lot harder to become one then to become a Sergeant. One do not have to be only a great roleplayer and able commander, but also, most important it is, gain Captain's complete, absolute trust. Lieutenant can do practically everything that Captain can do, only besides disbanding the Regiment.

Captain - well, that is, at least for now, me, Captain Ven Rynn. Captain is the main officer or the Cavaliers Regiment. He is able to do anything, his laws in the Regiment are practically limitless, though he should cooperate with the Lieutenant when it comes to important decisions.

*Without a Rank - well, heh, some of you new comers have surely saw that, when you enter the Regiment, your rank is not a Recruit, but Without a Rank. Well, that rank do have it's own short story. it comess from long time ago, when someone named Gran was member of the Regiment. He pissed me off so much I warned him that, if he won't stop, I will downgrade him as much as it is possible. Well, he have not listened, and tho the Without a Rank rank become to exist. Someone who really steps on my toe can gain that rank, mostly for a short time, which is even under a recruit. Every full member of the Regiment can order Without a Rank person, which have to listen, or otherwise he/she will be kicked out. I consider it a punishment for most unsubortinate soldiers, even if most of them would just leave after gaining first order from the Private.

*There is also a Staff Sergeant, Zelnagha Blackraven. She, when no higher officers are around, is the main officer around, with full law to command other sergeants as well as every other Cavalier.

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