How my brother Frad((dwarf)) became an paladin

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How my brother Frad((dwarf)) became an paladin Empty How my brother Frad((dwarf)) became an paladin

Post  Frad_St on Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:33 pm

How I became a paladin.

By: Frad Stronghammer

Frad lies down on his bed and fall to sleep.

*Frad’s Dream*
“Flash back”

Me and my dad were on our way home as usual from our morning walk, when we started to smell something bad in the air.

Fs Dad: “Can ya smell dat too kido?”
Frad: “Aye wat is dat?”

We walked a bit further along the road as the smell got stronger and we began to walk faster.
As we came closer to our home we got this feeling some thing was wrong, to we started to run.

We heard some scream in the far.
Unknown scream: “Help me”
Frad: “w-w-wasn’t dat me wi…”
Fs Dad: “aye… lets hurry up lad”

Now we saw to opening of our cave home but before we came any closer, we were attacked by a horde of living dead.

Fs Dad: “wat in da name of Ironforge…”
Frad: “oh my…”

Faster then my eye could see my dad grabbed his mace in his belt and swung at the walking dad and before I even got my hammer he already cleared some of the path to the cave.

Frad: “wait for me!”

I ran after him and joined him at the fight.
I froze to ice when I heard my wife scream.

Frad’s wife: “Frad help me! “Voice dies out” NOOO!”
In a split second, I went into an unstable rage of pure madness over what I heard.
Frad yell: “Ya pay for dat lad!”

Before I was done of rage I had cleared enough to see the body of my wife.
I kneeled down at her body and cried.

Frad: “nooo” cries more “how this can’t be!”
Fs Dad: “we can’t stop now son”

I nodded at him and stood on my legs that now were all bloody of the battle so far, and now I saw how beaten we both were, but still we continued our fight to the source of what happened.
After ten minutes of fighting the undead we saw a hovering person raising dead of some kind of hole in the ground.
Now we were getting to the last fight when all of a sudden my dad was hit from behind, and I couldn’t believe my eyes as there stood my wife.

Frad: “Wat in da name of ALE! Is goin ON!”
Fs Dad: “son dat isn’t her anymore lad leave her be!”

I didn’t heard what he said as I was about to hug her in joy she jumped at me and were about to bite me, as my dad jumped in a hit her in the head with his mace.
She was dead once again.

Fs Dad: “get it on lad she wont come back”
Frad: “aye… wat now?”
Fs Dad: “lets end tis once an for all”

I nodded at him, and tried to find strength to the last battle but collapsed.
Fs Dad: “aye lad stay ‘own t’en I end it‘

My dad was also beaten up like me but he had more strength as he once was the warlord in a war.
He lifted up his mace and started to charge but was second to late as the necromancer moved, and my dad ran just into the holed, and I heard his last scream, now the necromancer was off guard and in a last attack I jumped at him, and with my hammer I hit him in the head, and he fell down from the air and said his last word.

Necromancer: “stand salute brave dwarf you earned it but be were this is just the beginning”
With those words he disappeared into the ground.
And the entire horde of walking corpse fell to the ground
I kneeled down covered in blood and yelled.

*Frad wake up of his dream and scream*

Frad yell: “I curse ya I curse ya all dam undead’s!”

Frad looks around.
Frad: “I it was just the old nightmare…”
Frad lies down again and dream how he after that episode joined to order of paladins, and fought in many wars still hunger after killing undead’s so no one ever see what he had seen.

((taken from thw stonefoot clans forum))

so that how my half brother Frad ended up as an paladin.

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