The tales of orc, a story from Frád's brother Frad((the dwarf))

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The tales of orc, a story from Frád's brother Frad((the dwarf))

Post  Frad_St on Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:41 pm

Ahem lets here and story that my brother told me after a some drinks and the Tasty Pint.
"take on some gogles and read up from a papar"

The story of the battle with orcs.
Me and my buddy went for a walk; all of a sudden we spotted an orc.
We raised or swords as heroes now do, now it got worse as there now was two.
The didn’t look that kind of nice, now my legs was frozen to ice.
We did what we did and started to charge, even the battle might end really hard.
We swung our swords at the rage full orcs, and they just smiled of us as some kind of pork.
Now we got scared and tried to flee in a rush, it didn’t went good, as they followed us.
Now the tings were really getting worse, so we ran to a farm and jumped up on a horse.
We ran and we ran like an hour or two, as our fear started fall.
Now we were safe at the great halls of Irongforge.
We trained a lot since that episode, and was now ready to go.
We on our feet started charge like heroes with swords, into to a camp of ugly orcs.
One by one they fall to the dust; we were champions of the new morning dusk.
We went to an inn to drink at our victory, and that’s how my story ends.
And even today me and my buddy are friends.

"stop reading"
that did my brother made after and episode in redridge once. "laugh"

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