Ravens poem book.

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Ravens poem book. Empty Ravens poem book.

Post  raven on Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:20 pm

This is ravens poem book wich she has put on the cavaliers board.
(( these are my own poems wich i have used hours to make! ))

Deep inside something sters in me.
Everytime i think of you in glee.
You are the one to make me laugh.
I hope you dont think im daft.
i have allways been told love is useless.
I hope you dont think in a doofus.( idiot )
Now that i have found love.
I feel lovely as a dove.
I cannot deny my feelings anymore.

By: Raven von umlich.

My life twirls, im so confused.
All my life no one has cared.
Now i have people who do.
How do i repay them i trash their house.
All my life i have been told: Do not have feelings it makes you weak.
But now its time to be good.
I have to repent and think of the now.
I love you with all my heart dear friends...

By: raven von umlich.

A poem to molyra.

My lifestyle is confusing.
I bet you think its not amusing.
But this is how i am.
Please trust me mam.
I know i have done wrong.
But i wish to do right.
Please forgive me i am yours to command...

Mequel and Aliaar asked me to post these two poems too.

Time is lost.
Time is gained.
Time is forgotten.
Time is a pain.
I am a link.
I can hardly blink.
I am a messenger.
I am a slave.
This is how it is to be a seer...

By: Aliaar blackraven

I am a creature of the night.
I am still able to love and fight.
The only thing thats sad to think.
Is that i know i will live longer then thee.
But how is it possible to be sad.
I have a some good friends and a dauther who is bad.
But alltogether i would die for them.
I love them all to death.
I know i use irony alot but forgive me im a funny lass.
You all know me as a strong person.
But in fact im weak.
I know this girl called eileen.
She is the strongest lass i have ever seen.
I finish my poem by saying these things.
Love you all for an eternaty.

By: Mequel hilten.

thats it for now folks!

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Ravens poem book. Empty Re: Ravens poem book.

Post  Frad_St on Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:05 pm

i must say Raven your are a great Poemist((or what it is now called)).

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Ravens poem book. Empty Re: Ravens poem book.

Post  Molyra on Tue Oct 28, 2008 6:02 pm

*Molyra reads the poems, and then the ones adressed to her again. And again. She snorts* Hmpf....it'll take more then some words in rhyme, Raven. You stabbed me in the back, and I'm not one to easily forget such honorless actions.

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Ravens poem book. Empty Re: Ravens poem book.

Post  Selman on Tue Oct 28, 2008 6:30 pm

Besides, Meq, please, do not make new topics for your poems, can you? It'd keep forum nice and in a right order.

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Ravens poem book. Empty Re: Ravens poem book.

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