Lifestyles of my charecters.

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Lifestyles of my charecters. Empty Lifestyles of my charecters.

Post  raven on Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:56 pm

This is how my chars are in the way of how they see life.


Mequel has a relaxed lifestyle she likes to cheer people up and help all she can. Many people think she is so tough but if you know her you know she aint she is very sentimental. Her personal style is to defend and help as said she cares alot about people she knows and is a warm hearted person (( Again with the irony! Very Happy )). She likes some friends then others and cares more for them then others, that dosent mean she dosent like her other friends it merely means that she cares more about others.

Raven: Ravens lifestyle as you all know is mischieves. She is very cheeky and rude sometimes. But people dont understand where she comes from and with good reason she cant talk about it. In her old organisation she learned to leave all emotions and become a perfect assasination tool this was a lifestyle which meant that she should meditate and focus her mind. After leaving her old organisation she could not let go of her lifestyle and as recent events has seen she cannot control it anymore because all she knows and lives by is going under all because of love and emotions. (( If any of you have seen starwars she lived by the sith rules but she wants to live by the jedi rules now )).

Aliaar: Aliaar is fairly young but ambitious. She studied hard to become and explorers league member and the first dranai to become one and the youngest. She succeded but found that she had a seer instinct wich took over. This is proberbly from her unknown mom or dad but she finds that is a curse but also a gift. She has learned to control her scrying and seeing but sometimes the foresight takes over. Her lifestyle besides all this, is happy and ignorent she does not know of the cruelty of the world and some consider this as a great gift. She has never had a real mom before but now she has Zelnagha and Eileenory and she loves them both very much.

Mywen: Well she vanquised herself body and soul but somehow the keepers of death desided that she should be brought back to life. Her lifestyle is a self disiplinary one where she keeps fit and trains her body and mind every day. The keepers of time has erased all memory of Dasrin and put another instead so this means she does not know Dasrin. When she returned back to life she had two sons wich she believes to be with her imaginary husbond (( keepers of time illusion )). She has to baby twins actually which Dasrin is the real father to but since mywen does not know Dasrin she does not know. One of her twins name is Dasrin((Boy)) and the other is called Anastaria((Girl)).

Maarsa: Marrsa is a sardistic person who loves to torture and inflict pain on others. Her lifestyle is a crude one bound to the great deamon lords she does not have control of anything she does. besides sadism she is a sadomasokist which means she takes great pleasure of being hurt herself. this means that is someone hit her she get pleasure and actually begs for more its a very screwed up mind...

Okay i hope this does not ruin anything ingame then. I just want you to read this so you understand my chars better. bounce

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Lifestyles of my charecters. Empty Re: Lifestyles of my charecters.

Post  Eileenory on Wed Nov 05, 2008 2:55 am

Eileen has to yet to encounter Maarsa, but knowing her she'd be so oblivious to how Maarsa is that she'll try make her a best friend.

You have good characters!

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