Notes on last meeting, December 14th

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Notes on last meeting, December 14th Empty Notes on last meeting, December 14th

Post  Molyra on Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:10 pm

*a piece of paper on the messageboard in Ironforge Library, scribbled with a neat teachery handwriting*

Since there weren't many Cavaliers available last meeting, the Cap asked me to take notes. And since I'm not a secretary, but a teacher, here is not a play-by-play but a short recap of the things that were discussed and decided.

1. The following promotions were made.
Zelnagha now is Lieutenant. Anduini became Staff Sergeant. Vanadriel and Luzindra are both Cornets. Congratulations to you all.

2. The Cap is working on planning a large meeting of the good aligned guild of the Alliance. We could get to know one another, show the Regiment. It will be held somewhere on the end of Winters Veil. Selm wil start advertising soon. Codename for now will be 'Meeting Bigga'.

3. Furthermore, after the Meeting Bigga Selm would like to have a meeting with the leaders of these good aligned guild about the state of the world. Where lie the biggest threats, how can we work together to achieve that one goal, ridding the world of evil and unpure. Things like that. Kerous will at that meeting talk about the Emerald Nightmare, as that threat should not be overlooked.

4. Vengeance Expedition. In Northrend, the Howling Fjord, have been sightings of Forsaken acitivity. They are spreading plague, not just against scourge, but against all living beings. As you all know, the Plague brings foul mutations, rotting and death in explosions. Selm will discuss this on the conference following Meeting Bigga. For now, he is working on a spy in New Agamand (the Horde's city in the Howling Fjord).

5. Frad mentioned that is undead uncle has been sighted using Death Knight powers. Be on guard, Cavaliers!

6. Plans for a big recruitement are being made. Kerous suggested that we could use Cavalier Agents in every major city, like the Battlegrounds use. They could do the first draft, and then send the almost-recruited to, say, the Blue Recluse (or another place, that still needs to be decided) , where the Captain and his two Lieutenants will be having talks with the drafted and will be signing them up. Cornet Luzindra suggested that we do some military-looking sort of parade while drafting, that always gives a good impression.

That's all for now, folks! Try to be present at the next meeting!

*signed, a signature with lots of loops*
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