My Druid's Rotation.

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My Druid's Rotation. Empty My Druid's Rotation.

Post  Hectare on Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:56 pm

Since I will be making Hectare my main, I would like to pass on my Balance Druid rotation. I'm not trying to state that I am amazing at the class, but I would just like to share my knowledge with anyone starting out as a Druid. You may not find this helpful, but oh well. Please note that this rotation works best for soloing.

1) Root your target using Entangling Roots or Nature's Grasp.
2) Use Moonfire.
3) Blast your target with Starfire spells until their health is low.
4) Use Wrath to finish them off.

Remember to renew Roots and Moonfire when necessary.

Treants - Against single non elite targets, they are an unnecessary luxuary. Against hard elites or multiple enemies, they are really helpful!

Keep your mana up! - Some may say that this rotation drains your mana away too quickly. This can be fixed using Innervate or mana potions.

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My Druid's Rotation. Empty Re: My Druid's Rotation.

Post  Selman on Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:42 pm

Well, forget 'bout using mana potions even once after good few fights. You would need a looot of them, so unless you are a mighty herbalist and an alchemist, it won't work.

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