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Post  Selm on Tue Jan 27, 2009 6:47 pm

Well, Cavalieros! Very soon, there will be none Cavaliers Regiment, and, only a bit later, Silver Cavaliers will rise! I hope that most of you will join that "new" guild. Heck, these'll be Cavaliers, still! Well, back to the point.

I've made a new forum for us. Check out dat link:

Register thee but, for now, please do not post anything! I will try ( it's hard... ) to make a special topic to post yer questions there. As about that, I vey, very need a someone who can be a second administrator - someone who know all the technical stuff. I have such a problems with creating forums... anyone who feel like being an administrator for real, one working hard and all, contact me. Pleeeaseee!


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